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The Filmaker 16 mm animation stand is designed for small professional, TV, industrial and educational studios. In order to ensure quality animation on a limited budget, the Filmaker utilizes registration, which allows the photographer to position cels for smooth movement devoid of "jumping" of the projected image on the screen. Registration is assured by the pegs in each peg track on the animation table top. Replacing one cel with another on the pegs will insure that the new cel's position relative to the camera will be the same. This registration is maintained also in the camera by the intermittent registration pin that registers the film in the aperture and by the keyed column that allows vertical movement of the camera and the lens in registration to the compound. In addition, the Oxberry cel punch and drawing disc also ensure that the registration will meet the needs of the animator during photography. Thus, the Filmaker gives the animator the ability of completely controlling the relationship between film, lens and copy during production, with predictable results and a minimum of effort.

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